Hi, and welcome. We are a small inexperienced team in media and theatrical promotion and marketing, but extremely enthusiastic about this exceptional project we have developed. It dramatises the extraordinary, stirring, and vibrant life of Scotland’s world-renowned and iconic bard and has received many plaudits for the words and music.

Please see the project details below and throughout this website, and contact us through any of the email links if you would like offer or discuss support in any way

“Robert Burns – For Love and Liberty” is a stirring play with original music that uses the words of the Bard. It celebrates the life and works of this supremely talented young man. 

This drama is assured of a ready global market with its relevant messages for today – on religion, politics, patriotism, brotherhood of man, and equality for all. 

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Samples of some of the action – more in the DRAMA and MUSIC pages

Liberty – An stirring anthem that features in the play at the funeral of the Bard using lyrics from “Why Should We Idly Waste Our Time” and “A Man’s a man for a’ that”. Further music samples available in the MUSIC page

Witches’ Dance – the raucous jigging scene that greeted Tam O’ Shanter as he secretly gazed through the window on a wild night at Kirk Alloway. Further music samples available in the MUSIC page

“Stand forth Robert Burns!!” – drama sample of a from the play of a dramatic scene in the kirk. Further samples available in the DRAMA page

“So ye were there Jean Armour!” – drama sample from the play depicting a meeting between Jean Armour and the Bard. Further samples available in the DRAMA page

Further music and drama samples available in MUSIC and DRAMA pages

Music copyright Couper/Gleeson 2020 – registered with PRS, Drama/Play copyright Cocozza 2020

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