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We are extremely enthusiastic about this exceptional project we have developed. It dramatises stirring, and vibrant life of Scotland’s world-renowned and iconic bard. The project details are throughout this website.

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“Robert Burns – For Love and Liberty” is a stirring play with original music that uses the words of the Bard. It celebrates the life and works of this supremely talented young man. 

This drama is assured of a ready global market with its relevant messages for today – on religion, politics, patriotism, brotherhood of man, and equality for all. 

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Samples of some of the action – more in the DRAMA and MUSIC pages

Liberty – An stirring anthem that features in the play at the funeral of the Bard using lyrics from “Why Should We Idly Waste Our Time” and “A Man’s a man for a’ that”. Further music samples available in the MUSIC page

Witches’ Dance – the raucous jigging scene that greeted Tam O’ Shanter as he secretly gazed through the window on a wild night at Kirk Alloway. Further music samples available in the MUSIC page

“Stand forth Robert Burns!!” – drama sample of a from the play of a dramatic scene in the kirk. Further samples available in the DRAMA page

“So ye were there Jean Armour!” – drama sample from the play depicting a meeting between Jean Armour and the Bard. Further samples available in the DRAMA page

Music copyright Couper/Gleeson 2020 – registered with PRS, Drama/Play copyright Cocozza 2020

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